2017 Panelists 


Minnesota Women in Film and Television (MWIFT) 

Amber Johnson...

...is a freelance video producer who creates web video and television content for companies ranging from sports venues to law firms. She works to communicate clearly to a company's target audience. 

Amber also helps run a filmmaking group called Persistence of Vision that meets monthly to provide support and community for local film artists and technicians. In her free time, she makes the occasional film and directs photography on short films and the Theater People web series now featured on Seeka TV.

KJ Skogquist

Christopher Powers


Past Panelists:

  • 2010 Robyn Robinson: (former) Anchor/Reporter, FOX9 News 
  • 2016 Dakota Laden: EDU Alum and Producer/Director Trail to Terror
  • 2016 Amber Johnson: Freelance video producer
  • 2015 Jack Reher: Screenwriter, Into the Grizzly Maze 
  • 2016 Cassie Wentlandt: Video Editor, Splice
  • 2009 Euan Kerr: News Editor, Minnesota Public Radio 
  • 2009 Melody Gilbert: Minnesota Documentarian. Director, Fritz, Married at the Mall, The Summer Help
  • 2015 Towle Neu: Director Heart of Wilderness  
  • 2016 Mim Epstein: Broadcast producer, Olson
  • 2014 Patrick Lilja, Director of Digital Integration, Tunheim 
  • 2012 Justin Staggs, Director, Writer 
  • 2009 Colin Covert: Film Editor, Minneapolis Star and Tribune 
  • 2009 Michael Starburry: Screenwriter, Legends of Chamberlain Heights, The Inevitable Defeat of Mister & Pete, Black Jack