Seeka TV: Premier Sponsor for 2017 Festival

EDU is honored to welcome Seeka TV as a premier sponsor for the 2017 festival year. Seeka is a streaming platform that allows independent filmmakers to more efficiently find their audience, interact with their fans and monetize their content.

It encourages viewers to engage in content beyond the show that brought them to the platform and share their viewing experiences across their social networks making the viewer vested in the filmmaker's success.

Seeka TV leadership will be at the festival, promoting their lineup and mingling with attendees. There will be a Seeka screening as well as a Q & A session with George Reese, local filmmaker and Seeka TV Co-founder. 

This partnership with a legitimate content distributer helps EDU take the next step in demonstrating the the benefits and modeling the interactions that young filmmakers can expect as they make the transition from high school filmmakers to professionals.