Upload Instructions

To Submit Your Video:

  1. Fill out the online entry form. The form must be completed in full for your submission to be valid. Be certain that the title of your video matches the title of the file you upload.
  2. Export your project according to the guidelines. A poor quality submission due to a bad compression will be less competitive. Name your video file with the title of your entry.

  3. Upload your entry using wetransfer.com. You do not need an account in order to use wetransfer.com. 

    1. Click “add files” and choose the entry you want to upload. 

    2. Fill in the “friend’s email” box with trey@edufilmfest.org - be sure to get this right or we will not receive your entry. 

    3. Fill in the next box with your own email address.

    4. Click on “transfer”

    5. You will receive an email confirmation when your file has been successfully uploaded

    6. You will receive a second email confirmation when the festival has downloaded your file.